2018 Refugees Cookout with Cops

When it comes to our safety, their are always there to protect us regardless of the languange barrier. This summer we had an opportunity to partner with Cleveland Police Department and Metro West Community Development in bringing the event in our own neighborhood where the majority of our refugee population reside.

We had over 12 police officers from Second District and approximately 150 participant of whom 100 where refugees kids and youths. with a kickoff of to a soccer game, our two Nepal team played against each other to entertain the audience but also for fun as the majority of our refugee kids love football “soccer”. Officers were very engaged in all activities such as playing soccer, dancing and running around with the kids to ensure that the kids felt secure and loved. Many of our kids were scared of police based on the brutality they had been seeing on TV happening across the nation so they kept that in their minds. It’s was a beautiful and memorable day in our community as we watch kids build relationships with cops especially with officer Hubert who was allover the place doing all kinds moves with the kids. Love, unity and connection in what we need in our world.

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