2018 Unicef Student Summit

on March 9th, 2018, Our youths had an opportunity to attend the national Unicef Student Summit in Washington DC. Our youths were able to share their own refugee story with peers, create professional network and learn more about the work of Unicef and how students can help raise awareness in their communities and schools. 

  • Shekinah Kidjana: Shekinah was born in the Democratic republic of Congo but soon left for Malawi with her family because of war and violence. Shekinah is currently a junior at  Lincoln West High School where she is hoping to graduate in 2020 then attend College to pursue her degree in nursing.
  • Mary Irakoze: Mary was born and grew up in South Africa were her parents resettled as refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The family moved to Cleveland in 2013 were Mary was then enrolled at Lincoln West High School to further her education. Upon her high school graduation in 2015, Mary continued her  education  at Cuyahoga Community College were she is studying accounting with a goal of transitioning to a 4 years university for her bachelor degree.
  • Fredy Kipata: Fredy moved to Cleveland from Zambia in 2013 with his parents and siblings. Fredy is a sophomore at Lincoln West High school with a goal of playing professional soccer in college but also serving his community both here in America and Africa.
  • Oscar Tamulire: Oscar was born is Uganda from parents who originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo but ran the country in the early 1970s because of the war and violence. Oscar moved to Cleveland early this year with his mom and siblings some of whom are enrolled at Lincoln West High School with him and others that are already transitioning in the workforce to generate some family income. He is currently a senior and  hoping to graduate then attend Cuyahoga Community College in fall to pursue a degree in business.

Both students are very engaged in their communities and are taking on high quality project that help their own ability to grow as the next generation leaders. We are proud to be walking along side these students in their academic journey.

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