2019 Refugee Miss Cleveland

Every year, our organization brings different refugee communities together to celebrate the rich and diverse cultures surrounding us. In alignment with our mission, we find ways to connect with youths from different backgrounds that share common values like unity and togetherness. Aakriti Biswa our 2019 Miss Cleveland is originally from Nepal but came to the United State as a refugee 7years ago with her family.

She is currently a junior at John Marshal High school and a 2019 Unicef summit recipient who is very excited to be part of this year. Aakriti is passionate about helping others in various ways that she can. She has a strong belief in education and she believes that with her platform here in America, she can help kids in her native country achieve higher education.

On her left is Ranuka who is also a native of Nepal and came to the State as refugees as well. Ranuka was the second runner in the 2019 refugee model contest which she was very appreciative of besides the fact that she wanted to win the big crown.

On the right is Joanna Myriam who is originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo and she has lived in the State for 2years. Joanna was the third contestant in the race and the queen of the night for many because of her lovely smile and unpredicted voice. She is also a 2019 Unicef Summit recipient.

Both ladies attend John Marshal High School and they are juniors with the vision of attending Universities upon their graduation in May 2020.

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