Community support

  • We provide food and clothing donations to families that are in need
  • We collaborate with employers within our community to provide job opportunities to individuals as they are learning the language.
  • Support in getting affordable housing and path ways to ownership.


  • We provide tutoring for both ESL and other need subjects.
  • ACT and OGT test preparation for both juniors and seniors .
  • Colleges and Universities tour
  • We organize tours to historical places across the nation to learn the history of this country and its laws.
  1. US Capitol Hill, Washington DC
  2. Underground Railroad, Ohio
  3. Nation Underground Railroad Freedom Center, Cincinnati OH
  4. Belle of Louisville, KY
  5. Maltz Museum
  6. American Museum of Nature
  7. Unicef Summit


  1. Attend multicultural events around the Northeast Ohio to expose our group to various cultures around the city.


  • Cleveland food bank
  • Walk and Run/ Diversity Center
  • Asian festival
  • Homeless shelters