Ohio State University/College of Pharmacy trip

High school students interested in medical field had an opportunity to participate in the spring career exploration day at the Ohio State University. for sure the interest in doing medical for few kids disappeared because they thought it’s something that you can simply get by with but also it was exciting for those who knew from the first place that this was their career.

As a leader, it’s my obligation to expose different career path to our youths. Many of our youths/students don’t know what they want to do yet career wise and it’s because they haven’t been exposed or have someone to ¬†show them that they have the capability of doing in this country and that is where my role comes in. said “Mayele” we have to understand that this kids have been in traumatized situation that makes their brains to not functions well, but also they are smart and all they need is someone who care, someone who believe in them, someone who is not scared to push them hard when they are in rough moments academic wise.

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